Providing healthcare centers with the very best in thermal imaging analysis

Our History

In 1983, the first accredited college-approved thermographic course was presented by executive board members of the International Academy of Clinical Thermology. It was during this time that the main four organizations: the International Academy of Clinical Thermology (IACT), the International Thermographic Society (ITS), the American Academy of Thermology (AAT), and the American Academy of Medical Infrared Imaging were involved in research, education, and establishing guidelines. From these four main organizations, incorporating some of the most prestigious universities and hospitals, came the bulk of all the research ever performed on thermography. By 1988, the IACT had become the largest organization with over 500 members worldwide.

Why Choose Us

We are proud that the educational lineage of all of our thermologists has been handed down directly from these pioneering doctors. We are especially grateful that all of our thermologists can trace their breast thermology training directly to one of the greatest experts in the field, William Hobbins, MD, FACS. In addition to this education, our thermologists adhere to the International Academy of Clinical Thermology’s Quality Assurance Guidelines for Breast and Neuromusculoskeletal Thermography. These guidelines include the use of the internationally accepted standardized TH (Thermobiological) grading system for the interpretation of breast thermograms.

As doctors who also practice in active out-patient care centers, we understand the unique needs of a health care office offering this imaging technology. It is one thing to provide the proper technical aspects of image acquisition, but quite another when it comes to presenting the results to a patient. As clinicians who understand these needs, we put together a team of 20 women of all ages to assist us in creating reports that “speak” to the patient. The resulting reports, and accompanying report guides, are one of the unique aspects of our service. Each office that uses our reporting also receives something very special. We have been told that this is exactly what every office needs to not only provide for their own management, but to be able to reach out to the community they serve. Our information packet covers this in detail.

Working for decades with offices worldwide has resulted in a service that is unlike any other. Each thermogram report comes with an information guide that explains in detail every aspect of the patient’s report. And in the event that the patient needs to speak with the thermologist, they are always available to answer all their questions. Our interpretation service offers 3 levels of reporting. The first is our standard service that provides a written report to your office on a regular schedule. The second level provides a STAT report that your office receives in 24-48 hours. Depending on the submission time and your location, 90% of these reports are returned as a same-day service. Lastly, we provide for live in-office reporting. In this case we provide your patient with a personal interpretation of their images in your office immediately after their images are taken.

As part of our services we also provide each office, imaging center, or hospital with a HIPAA compliant “patient portal” and “clinical dashboard”. The portal provides your patients with a peaceful and secure atmosphere in which they can leisurely complete their intake data before arriving for their appointment. The dashboard gives you and your office staff the ability to streamline many of the tedious procedures you are currently following including the automated archiving of intake forms. The dashboard keeps all intake data on a digital platform throughout the process including uploading to our secure site. This provides your clinic with a significant decrease in overhead while accelerating the intake and imaging process.

You Need More Information

If you are interested in using our service, please feel free to contact us. We would be glad to speak with you. You should be aware that at this time not all “thermologists” are qualified to provide interpretation services. We see reports that are very concerning. Before a thermogram can be read, critical pre-interpretation image evaluation procedures need to be followed. If this is not done the images can be entirely misread. This is a very serious problem. In addition to this pre-interpretation analysis is the actual method of interpreting the thermogram. If research established interpretation methods are not used the patient’s health is at risk.

Before choosing any interpretation service, we recommend that you take a little time to review what a qualified thermologist is. We would be glad to provide you with a packet of information that explains in detail why our services will provide your patients with the very best in thermal imaging analysis and reporting.

Note: Our interpretation service does not accept every office or imaging center that inquires about our reporting. Due to the problems we are seeing in MIR imaging education, our service will only accept training and certification from one of four associations. If your office, imaging center, or hospital does not have technicians trained and certified from one of these four associations, or if the imaging system you are using does not meet minimum standards, we will not be able to provide you with interpretation and reporting.